Case Study - Incident Investigation | WISE Workplace

Most businesses depend on the efficient working of a number of sometimes complex systems and processes.

Understanding what went wrong can be a vitally important part of the business improvement process.

WISE has the skills and expertise required to conduct an investigation to determine whether a system failure is due to poor systems or the failure of an individual or team.

We can visit the workplace and talk to management and staff in confidence.

Our independent investigators circumnavigate internal politics and conflict of interests to establish the truth about work processes.

We analyse all information provided. We then provide feedback to senior management on systems improvement, team building or cultural change that may have impacted on the system failure.

Case Study:  Incident Investigation (Systems Failure)


A popular TV broadcasting company called on WISE to investigate an incident involving one of its contractors.

The person was injured with a staple gun on the job and did not receive medical treatment.

They then had to travel nearly three hours home with a staple in their hand.


WISE was assigned to the case. She visited the workplace to talk to crew and contractors to determine what went wrong and to prepare a detailed report for management.


WISE interviewed all parties concerned.

The investigation highlighted a lack of awareness and confusion over roles and responsibilities within the broadcasting company structure, tensions between contractors and a weak implementation of OH&S policy.

Strategic Outcomes

The report empowered the HR Manager to address long standing conflict between contractors and employees.

As a result, the company provided funding for OH&S training and established a protocol on set for the management of similar incidents in the future.