Case Study - Staff complained that carer was cruel and dispassionate | WISE Workplace

When employee misconduct has been identified we can conduct an independent investigation of facts to determine if the allegations are sustained or not.

In these cases we adopt best practice standards on investigation to ensure procedural fairness to all parties.

The outcome of code of conduct investigation provides decision makers with the facts to make an appropriate decision whether to take disciplinary action or other remedial action.

Systematic issues that have impacted on the individuals conduct will also be identified.

We make recommendations to assist in improving organisational practices.


WISE was contracted by a Government Department to investigate claims that a care worker was failing to follow departmental policy and had breached her duty of care.

The complaints were lodged by work colleagues concerned that the care worker was treating clients in a "cruel and impassionate manner."


WISE conducted in-depth interviews with the complainant and colleagues of the worker. Interviews with the clients were not possible. An interview was then conducted with the worker who admitted to her conduct but was adamant that it was an appropriate way to treat her clients and in their best interest.

WISE consulted professionals and examined departmental policies before making findings that the worker had engaged in serious misconduct on a large number of incidents involving several clients over a 12-month period.

Strategic Outcomes

WISE's recommendations lead to the department suspending the worker and dismissing her from the organisation.