Case Study - Training program in how to deal with fraud | WISE Workplace


WISE was approached by a large corporation to develop a tailor made three-day training program for the audit and risk unit.


To devise a specialised training program to assist the company in the detection and investigation of internal fraud.


The work team attended the training together and due to its small size the facilitators were able to provide individualised material and case studies to meet the needs of each participant.

This ranged from the legal officer, the compliance manager, fraud investigator and corruption prevention manager.

Each person had a unique role but operated within a team focused on reducing company risks to fraud and corruption. A vital part of the unit's function was the detection and investigation of fraud.

Strategic Outcomes

WISE was able to increase the skills of this team and provide an understanding for the whole team of its own limitations. The focus was on the sources of evidence and the preservation of that evidence.