Case Study - Staff fail to return from maternity leave | WISE Workplace


This case involved an alleged breach of the Anti Discrimination Act by the agency who it was alleged deleted two positions whilst the staff were on maternity leave.

Two women who worked in the same unit appealed the decision to decline them permission to work from home following the birth of their children.

Relations had become strained between the staff and the manager of the unit when the women made an application to work from home that was declined. All efforts to contact the women broke down and the women lodged an appeal with the administrative appeals board to have their case reviewed.

WISE Workplace was contracted to investigate the allegations and the reason for the breakdown in communication.


WISE Workplace was hired to review the administrative decision that the two women could not work from home and the reason for the breakdown in communication between the women and their manager.


WISE conducted individual interviews with both the women about their situation and the circumstances around their complaints.

Numerous documents and regulations were examined to assess the complaint against guidelines, policy and the law.

Interviews were conducted with the unit manager and other managers involved in the decision making process to track the decision making process before a detailed report was prepared for the organisation.

Strategic Outcomes

The investigation took three months as the two women removed their cooperation from the investigation following their initial interviews. They provided sufficient information for WISE to make an assessment that the Anti Discrimination Act had not been breached and that the proper decision making process had been followed by the unit manager.

Following the report steps were taken to return the two women into employment that met their skills and domestic needs.