Case Study - Workplace Investigation Course developed | WISE Workplace


WISE Workplace was approached by a large government organisation to provide a one week workshop on Investigating Workplace Misconduct for regional managers.


To devise a specialised training program to assist the organisation in the professional development of regional managers to conduct initial investigations into allegations of misconduct and manage the investigation of more serious matters. Particular focus was required on the drafting of allegations and interpreting the findings and recommendations in investigation reports.


WISE staff worked closely with the project officer to develop the core curriculum and course content to meet the specific needs of the organisation. Central to this was the development of organisationally specific case studies for managers to work thorough in the training.

Strategic outcomes

WISE was able to increase the skills of the regional managers and provide an understanding for the HR officers of the limitations of the organisation in the conduct and management of misconduct investigations.

Manager awareness was increased in respect of drafting allegations and interpreting the findings from investigation reports. The course provided managers with the confidence to make tough decisions on penalties applicable when misconduct had been established.