Top ten tips on Grievance Handling | WISE Workplace

Have you received a Grievance and not sure how to handle it?

  1. Listen to the person making the complaint (the grievant) carefully;
  2. Ask them to provide a written account detailing specific events in chronological order;
  3. Keep your own records of everything you do that relates to the complaint;
  4. Establish if the complaint relates to breaches of the OH & S Act, the Anti-Discrimination Act, is criminal or corrupt conduct that requires reporting to the Police or anti corruption body in your state, if so you are obliged to take action to stop the conduct continuing and if necessary investigate and make a finding on the alleged conduct;
  5. Make a decision early to pursue formal investigation process if conduct reported is serious misconduct and or requires reporting to another authority;
  6. Allocate a responsible person to handle and coordinate communication with the grievant;
  7. Allocate a different person with investigation or managerial skills to investigate the complaint and speak to the respondent;
  8. Gather the information from both sides independently of each other;
  9. When you have gathered all the information, consider what the most appropriate action is;
  10. Inform all parties of the outcome.