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Membership of AHRI

WISE Workplace Investigations is proud to be accepted as a member of The Australian Human Resources Institute  (AHRI)  the national association representing human resources and people management professionals in Australia. AHRI provides research, advocacy and representation to promote the standing of the HR profession and engender human resource management best practice within workplaces.

 As Certified Professionals, membership recognises our expertise and experience as HR professionals and ensures ongoing professional development through participation in AHRI sponsored events and training.

WISE Workplace Investigations will be exhibiting at the upcoming AHRI Convention in Sydney in June 2009 at stand 43 (right next to the book stall) so come and visit us to talk about how our services can meet your needs. 

Senior Investigator moves back east 

Senior Investigator Kylie Starling is moving back to the east coast after 18 months in the far west of NSW. She will head up our new unit specialising in child protection cases...


When an apology is enough

This month the NSW Ombudsman released its’ revised guidelines on how to give an apology. Sometimes, when formal complaints have been received all that is wanted is an apology. Giving one can be quite complex.

The revised guidelines outline how and why an apology should be given, and advise on the best way to approach one.

Given on time and with genuine commitment, an apology can be enough. (link to Apology Guidelines)

Harriet Stacey to address major forum

WISE Workplace Investigations principal Harriet Stacey will address the Child Protection Symposium next month...

Digital Data no replacement for humans in workplace investigations

WISE Investigations director Harriet Stacey takes a look at the pitfalls or relying on digital data and provides simple measures for organizations to follow to ensure the integrity of digital data  (more)...... 

Freedom of Information: It's time for a change

Leading workplace investigator Harriet Stacey shares some strong views on FOI in respect of investigation reports (more) ...

How to avoid back pain at work

From 'Zen at Work'

Zen at Work, a team of highly skilled health practioners and business people specializing in stress relief in the workplace, reveal how a 30-second a day exercise can work wonders for your back 

 Surveys with Zen At Work clients have shown that most of us spend more than 80% of our waking hours sitting down: eating, commuting, working, relaxing watching TV, and so on, and that when we sit we tend to collapse the spine.


 The natural stress response: flight or flight, involves curving the spine to protect the soft belly organs. When we collapse the spine we are mimicking the stress response.

 30-Second Stress Buster Exercise For 'Backbone'

 Our spine is central to our well-being, and to our ability to cope with stress.

 The spinal cord is a continuum of the brain: it connects our thoughts with our physical body. There are thousands of nerves and channels running in and out of each of our 26 vertebrate.

 If, through our daily posture, we constantly compress one area of the spine, while over stretching another, we are not only causing physical problems but affecting our mental processes as well. You will know, if you have attended one of our seminars, just how much we can change the way we feel by altering the way we hold our spine.

 How are you sitting now? You have probably pulled yourself up straight. But if you are honest with yourself you know that in 5 minutes from now you will have probably slumped again...

 Here is a simple exercise to help you straighten the spine:

 Breathe in: take note of how you are sitting on the chair.

 Exhale: tip your pelvis under and sit on your tailbone - notice how your back collapses

 Inhale: now roll your pelvis forwards slightly so that you rest on your sit bones … notice how much  taller you feel, and how open your chest is.

 Exhale: and tip back to sit on your tailbone – compare how you feel.

 Inhale: sit on your sit bones again - notice how much better it feels

 Exhale: remain sitting on your sit bones.

 Inhale: lengthen through the crown of your head.

 Exhale: feel the tension drop away from your shoulders.

 Continue breathing in your own rhythm and maintain this posture for as long as you can.

 If you find it a challenge to remain sitting on your sit bones all day in the office - you can modify your chair; and we don't mean high-tech or expensively.

 You will find it much easier if your knees are lower than your hips. Simply raise your hips by rolling a towel up and sitting on the edge of it.

 Alternatively fold a cushion in half and perch on the edge of it.  

Zen at Work is a team of highly skilled health practitioners and business people specializing in stress relief in the workplace...

eWISE April 2009 | WISE Workplace

What's on........

Free Seminar 

Corporate responsibility: failed rhetoric or future remedy?
Corporate responsibility encompasses corporate ethics, workplace issues, and environmental as well as human rights concerns. In the context of the current financial crisis and moves by the federal government to explore improved protection for human rights for Australia, the seminar will consider whether corporate social responsibility initiatives are effective or detract from notions of corporate accountability. The role of business in protecting human rights will be a key focus of the discussion.

The seminar will include speakers from the Office of the United Nations Special Representative on business and human rights, Westpac, the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, Allens Arthur Robinson, the Australian Human Rights Centre and the Gilbert & Tobin Centre for Public Law.

  • Time: 5.30 for 6pm start. Concludes at 7.45pm
  • Date: Thursday, 21 May 2009
  • Venue: Allens Arthur Robinson Level 28, Deutsche Bank Place Corner of Hunter & Phillip Streets, Sydney

RSVP: ahrc@unsw.edu.au by 14th May 2009

2009 Child Protection Symposium

The NSW Ombudsman Child Protection Division is holding a symposium in celebration of its 10th year. 

  • When: May 25-26, 2009
  • Where: Mercure Hotel Sydney Central

The symposium will showcase best practice, investigation techniques, research, legal and industrial context and innovations in information technology. 

WISE director Harriet Stacey will be presenting informative papers at the symposium....

Australian Human Resources Institute National Convention

Sir Ken Robinson and Richard Watson will explore ideas about doing business in times of economic uncertainty and will share their insights into the future world of work. Physicist and philosopher Danah Zohar and Moet Hennessey, Louis Vuitton's Dr Concettta Lanciaux will speak about ideas on employee satisfaction, peak performance and total intelligence. 

The convention will also present Australia's largest HR trade show of 130 industry exhibitors showcasing the latest in HR and people management practices. 

WISE Workplace Investigations will be exhibiting at stand 43 next to the book shop so come and say 'hello' and talk to our Jo or Harriet about how our business can help you. 

  • When: 15-16 June 2009
  • Where: Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour
For more information visit www.convention.ahri.com.au

The Disability and Age Discrimination Law Reform Summit

Key note address by the Hon. Bill Shorten MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children's Services. This summit will discuss legal aspects of discrimination in the workplace, provide advice on key issues for employers such as handling discrimination claims against your organisation and present case studies from  IBM Australia and New Zealand; City of Sydney and Telstra Diversity Council and others.

  • When: 30th and 31st July 2009 
  • Where: Swissotel, Sydney

For more information - http://www.eeona.org/Disability_&_Age_Discrimination_EEONA.pdf

Five minutes with WISE director Jo Kamira

eWISE April 2009 | WISE Workplace

Jo Kamira is the co-founder and principal of WISE Workplace Investigations. She has over 20 years of expertise in investigations and intelligence analysis. An expert in cultural diversity Jo reveals some home truths (more).... 

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