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August 2009 Issue

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Presentation at the APSAC Conference Brisbane 2009

WISE exhibited at the Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference in Brisbane in July 2009 along side the Queensland government CMC, ICAC and the Western Australian Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) .  Among the presentations was the release of the second report into Whistling while they work: Towards best Practice Whistleblowing programs in public sector organisations by Peter Roberts, Jane Olsen and A.J.Brown. A review of this report will be presented in next months newsletter. 

Thank you to all the attendees who visited WISE and help provide an interesting forum for the discussion of corruption awarness and prevention.

Age discrimination may effect you from as young as 45! 

In a speech to the Australian Institute of Family Studies on 6 August 2009, Commissioner for Age Discrimination, Elizabeth Broderick, emphasised the fact that age discrimination is likely to touch the lives of most people earlier than they think because the age of a 'mature worker is 45". For further details on age discrimination click here.

Increased use of our Senior Investigator Craig Sams - Indigenous issues

Craig Sams is seeing an increased call on his specialist knowledge and skills in handling investigations involving members of the indigenous community. Investigations involving indigenous people require careful handling to take account of cultural needs not well understood by non-indigenous investigators.  Craig has seen a steady increase in the demand for his services through word of mouth over the past two years. 

Next time you have an issue involving an indigenous person - give WISE a ring, Craig Sams works from our Canberra office and is available for work across Australia. To view Craig's profile visit our web site:www.wiseinvestigaitons.com.au/CraigSams.html

NSW Ombudsman launch Practice Manual into managing unreasonable complainant conduct

eWISE August 2009 | WISE Workplace

Feature article

10 Tips on surviving a workplace investigation

Workplace investigations can be one of the most stressful exercises a workplace can undertake. Jo Kamira, Principal of WISE Workplace Investigations provides 10 tips on how to survive as the manager of an investigation process. Click here for your 10 TIPS.                                                          


When the best man for the job is a woman                                                         

In a recent survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Management Victoria and Tasmania, (AIM) on Retaining Women in the workplace, 60% of respondents believed that a male orientated work environment was a reason women were underrepresented in senior management, Whilst 50% of university graduates are female, only 17% of senior executives are women, Harriet Stacey of WISE Workplace investigations gives her views on why sometimes the best man for the job is a woman. Click here to read more

Report writing Tips

Tired of saying 'Stated?'

Effective report writing depends on a lot of things, one of them is the ability to say what you mean in a succinct format using the right words.  Here are some suggestions on alternative words to using 'stated' to help make your reports more interesting to read! 

 eWISE August 2009 | WISE Workplace 1

Imparted, Explained, Argued, Claimed, Give Details, 

Elucidated, Described, Clarified, Defended, Rationalised,

Justified, Portrayed, Depicted, Illustrated, Expressed.

What's on........

7th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Hosted at University of Glamorgan, Cardiff in Wales the conference aims to bring interested parties in organisations and government; researchers; policy makers and practitioners together in a unified and synergistic format to enhance knowledge exchange and disseminate knowledge relating to workplace bullying and harassment. 

The call for abstracts has been extended to October 2009

  • When: 2-4th June 2010
  • Where: Hilton Cardiff Hotel, Cardiff, Wales UK

For more information go to www.bullying2010.com

AHRI Leadership Conferences: Innovation for the new workforce landscape

Throughout September and October 2009 AHRI is bringing together  leaders from government, industry, employer and union groups with labour economists and human resource practitioners for the AHRI 2009 Leadership Conferences. 

For more information - www.leadership.ahri.com.au

Five minutes with WISE  Investigator Donna Bigwood

eWISE August 2009 | WISE Workplace 2

Donna Bigwood has been an  Investigator with WISE Workplace Investigations since early 2008. As a valued member of our team, Donna has conducted numerous investigations into bullying, harassment and other types of intriguing misconduct. Specialising in the transport industry, Donna would have some very interesting tales to tell - if only she could talk!  (more)....

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