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November 2009 Issue

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WISE is delighted to welcome Alison to the team as an investigator and legal council. Based in Sydney Alison has a Bachelor of Commerce and Laws (Hons) and Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management (with merit) from the University of Sydney. She was awarded the 'Cutler Hughes and Harris Prize in Labour Law' by the university for most proficient student in Labour Law in 2008 and has worked as Senior Legal Council in private 

industry and undertaken work as a legal researcher on issues such as paid maternity leave and mature age workers rights.  Click here to read Alison's article on The Balance of Probabilities.

Craig Sams re-elected to the AJC

Craig Sams, Senior Investigator with WISE Workplace Investigations, has been re-elected for a third year as the Chairperson of the Aboriginal Justice Centre in the ACT. The AJC is currently negotiating a justice agreement with the ACT government. 

NSW Ombudsman releases 2008-2009 Annual Report " Integrity is essential to good public administration and is something the public demands" 

A new baby boy - Reuben Phineus Stacey

Harriet is taking a few well earned weeks off after the safe arrival of her third child Reuben Phineus on the 16 of September 2009. 

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Feature article

Beating Bully

Bullying has major repercussions for the health, productivity and financial performance of the workforce. Ian Hopkins speaks to Jo Kamira of WISE Workplace Investigations and outlines the problem and what can be done about it in Hcamag.  Click here to see full article.


Demystifying the balance of probabilities

This article seeks to demystify the commonly ocuring concepts in workplace investigation reports: the balance of probabilities as the standard of proof required to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to substantiate allegations; and the rule in Briginshaw that relates to the standard of the evidence. Whilst the strict rules of evidence do not normally apply to workplace investigations, investigators have adopted the standard practice of applying civil rules including these concepts. Click here to read more

Second-hand smoke

Toxic workplaces and the 'second-hand smoke' effect of racial harassment

US researchers have recently considered whether certain aspects of culturally toxic workplaces have adverse ambient effects on employees. Professor Belle Rose Ragins, speaking at the Diversity Consortium hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Sydney presented findings on workplace diversity issues. To find out more click here.

What's on........

7th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Hosted at University of Glamorgan, Cardiff in Wales the conference aims to bring interested parties in organisations and government; researchers; policy makers and practitioners together in a unified and synergistic format to enhance knowledge exchange and disseminate knowledge relating to workplace bullying and harassment. 

The call for abstracts has been extended to October 2009

  • When: 2-4th June 2010
  • Where: Hilton Cardiff Hotel, Cardiff, Wales UK

For more information go to www.bullying2010.com

Hreoc Workplace Investigations Officer Program

This training will equip HR representatives and senior managers to be able to conduct a workplace investigation related to unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying for your organisation. 

  • When: 18 November 2009
  • Where: Regus Riverside, Brisbane, QLD

For more information visit the iHR Website.

Hreoc EEO & Anti-Bullying for Managers Training Program

This training will equip your leaders to be responsible for the everyday management and prevention of unlawful discrimination and bullying in their workplace. 

  • When: 13 November 2009 (VIC) & 11 December 2009; 9 December 2009 (QLD)
  • Where: Mantra on Little Bourke, Melbourne, VICTORIA
  • Regus Riverside, Brisbane QLD

For more information visit the iHR Website.

Five minutes with WISE  Investigator Alison Page

Alison Page

Alison Page is the newest addition to the team at WISE. Alison's expertise as a freelance writer, legal researcher and  industrial relations lawyer will be invaluble to providing added value to the work of WISE. Find out more about Alison....

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