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Wise Workplace Investigations

September 2010 Issue

NAPCAN National Child Protection Week

National Child Protection Week
5  September - 12 September

This special edition of e-wise takes a focus on children in recognition of NAPCAN National Child Protection Week

The NAPCAN survey on views on Child Abuse in Australia conducted last year found that despite 92% of people thinking that Child Abuse is a serious problem in Australia, almost half would take no action when presented with a clear case of child abuse. 

Worryingly, 42% of respondents stated that they would not take action because 'it was not their business'. 
Read the survey results
here or go to http://www.preventingchildabuse.com.au/view-survey-results.html

NAPCAN events near you - click here

Grooming and sexual misconduct

Definitions and changes to sexual misconduct

The NSW Ombudsman has just released Practice Update 2/2010 titled "Reportable Conduct: Sexual offences and sexual misconduct". The practice update details changes to the definition of sexual misconduct to include behaviour previously defined as 'grooming'. In this article Kylie Starling discusses the changes, their meaning and how they will help protect children. 

To read Kylie's article click here

For a copy of the NSW Ombudsman practice update click here.
eWISE September 2010 | WISE Workplace

Kylie Starling

Meet Kylie Starling

Senior Investigator Kylie Starling has been with WISE Workplace Investigations since 2006. Kylie  manages our  child protection work conducting investigations for a variety of clients including non government organisations and  schools. Kylie's sensitivity to the issues and personal style make here the investigator of choice for many NSW providers of child care. 

For more on Kylie's profile......

eWISE September 2010 | WISE Workplace 1

Children Overseas

Children at risk in Pakistan

On 28 August, a woman holding her baby sits on the back of a motorbike as it crosses a flooded road in Baseera, a village in Punjab Province. Others wade through the water, returning to their homes as the flood waters recede. 

By 30 August 2010 in Pakistan, the countrys worst flooding in living memory had affected over 17 million people, at least 8.6 million of them children. 

Help UNICEF bring relief to the millions of children affected by the disaster.


eWISE September 2010 | WISE Workplace 2

What's on in Child Protection?

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NSW Ombudsman child protection training 

Responding to allegations against employees

When: 7 September 2010 and 18 September
Where: Sydney
Contact: NSW Ombudsman
Cost: $250 (inc. GST)

Handling serious allegations

When: 19 November  and 2 December
Where: Sydney
Contact: NSW Ombudsman

Cost: $550 (inc. GST)

8th National Investigations Symposium

When: 3-5 November 2010
Where: Manly Pacific Hotel Manly NSW
Contact: Cristiana on (02 9228 5225 or cristiana@nsw.ipaa.org.au)
Registrations are now full for the waiting list go to: To Register

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