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WISE launches new book
WISE launches new book a 'must have' for the workplace investigator and HR managers "Procedural Fairness: A practical guide for workplace investigators" By Jo Kamira and Alison Page. BUY NOW $24.94  

Jo and Craig to present  @ 8th National Investigations Symposium 

Jo Kamira and Craig Sams will be presenting papers at the upcoming symposium in Sydney in November. 
Craig will be presenting on indigenous issues in workplace investigations and Jo will be presenting a paper on bullying in the workplace.  To register for the Symposium see link below in 'What's On' or find it on LinkedIn.

'Vinnies' and DJ's
The Corporate Cancer of  bullying and harassment

Yet more examples of what can go wrong when bullying and harassment are ignored. Vinnies and DJ's join the ranks of other notable institutions who have had to deal with negative media about the shamful lack of action in response to allegaitons of bullying and poor corporate culture. Managers may put thier heads in the sand and hope the problem goes away, but when it doesn't it gets really ugly - early intervention and effective resolution are the only way forward. 

WISE can help find ways to help early reporting  and improve a positive response to complaints that will prevent damaging legal claims and make your workplace a happier place to be. 

Read More: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/david-jones-faces-35m-kristy-faser-kirk-sex-harrassment-case/story-e6frf7l6-1225900025525

Pregnancy Discrimination

Expected rise in complaints

Employers can expect an increase in the number of complaints about discrimination against pregnant employees as women become more aware of their rights.
   The Fair Work Ombudsman has recently launched a national campaign to inform women of their rights at work when pregnant and when returning to work after having a child.
   The campaign is in response to an increasing number of pregnancy discrimination complaints the Ombudsman receives each year. 
   The Anti-Discrimination Agency also initiated its first legal proceedings on pregnancy discrimination in July against the NSW Riverwood based printing company Wongtas Pty Ltd. 
   The company faces fines of up to $33,000 per breach and the two directors face individual fines of up to $6,600 per breach. 

Read more.........

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A Hair Raising Story from the UK

Follically Challenged!

The following story appeared in a Blog on 29 June 2010 - it makes interesting reading.

Written by Jen Goss

The vast majority of men will experience some degree of hair loss at some point in their lives.  However you wouldn’t usually expect to be turned down for a job because of a lack of luscious locks, would you?

It turns out; certain professions view having hair as a necessity.  So what kind profession would be so hard on the bald population – male models, TV presenters?

How about the coppers?  The Police Service of Northern Ireland have got themselves in hot water after rejecting a candidate from the recruitment process due to him being unable to submit a hair sample for drugs testing.

After taking his case to the high court, the Service back-tracked, saying that they would re-instate the candidate and amend its application process to facilitate analysis of DNA from other sources.

So, is this a victory for baldys everywhere?  Or is it a sign of things to come?  Whatever the future holds for discrimination claims, let’s hope that common sense wins out.  Fairness goes far beyond skin colour, gender or ethnicity.  In my experience, a diverse and fairly treated workforce is a more constructive one; whether you have flowing locks like Farrah Fawcett or an alfresco noggin like Harry Hill.

Besides, to quote my father: “I’m not bald, I’m follically challenged”

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Why don't we report bullying?

Understanding Barriers to Reporting

People in organisations often see behviour that they think is unacceptabel, unsafe, illegal - even criminal. But why do people hesitate to act? In a recent study by Rowe, Wilcox, and Gadlin 2009, found the main reason people hesitate is due to

 "fear of loss of relationships, and a loss of privacy, fear of unspecified "bad consequences" or retaliation and insufficient evidence".

Harriet Stacey reviews the findings and makes suggestions for overcoming barriers to reporting. Click this link to read more.


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What's on........

Mental health and your workplace: Tackling the complexities and identifying solutions

AHRI are providing HR Essentials - a 4 hour training course to help  HR professionals address mental health issues in their organisation. The programs are offered in conjunction with Beyond Blue. Contact AHRI website for more information.

Where: Across Australia
When: May - October 2010
Time: Various
Cost: $300 members $330 non members

Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW Seminars for 2010

The Board offers a range of seminars to assist employers to understand and implement anti-discrimination law and prevent and manage diversity in the workplace. 

For more information visit the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW web site.

Corruption Prevention Network Annual Forum

 9 September 2010
Where: Darling Island Wharf, Sydney  NSW
Contact: http://www.corruptionprevention.net/

8th National Investigations Symposium

When: 3-5 November 2010
Where: Manly Pacific Hotel Manly NSW
Contact: Cristiana on (02 9228 5225 or cristiana@nsw.ipaa.org.au)

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