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 March 2012

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Sexual Harassment still part of the employment playground

By Alison Page, legal council WISE

Earlier this month the Sydney Morning Herald reported the case of a Senior Executive of the Star City Casino being dismissed in the wake of complaints she made of sexual harassment against Sid Vaikunta. Both the victimization of the complainant and sexual harassment are still present in workplaces in Australia. Last year Australian Defence Force Academy (‘ADFA’) cadets were involved in a widely publicized incident involving allegations of inappropriate behaviour and the use of technology which led to a police investigation. The Australian Human Rights Commission report made the finding of "low level" sexual harassment. In this article Alison Page reports on the definitions used in the AHRC report and the types of conduct that were found to constitute sexual harassment...


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What's on

The National Investigations Symposium 2012

The National Investigations Symposium 2012 will be held in Sydney later this year. The full details are not yet available but will be posted in our newsletter when published.

The National Investigations Symposium is a biennial event for public sector investigators and complaint-handlers run by the ICAC, NSW Ombudsman and the Institute of Public Administration Australia (NSW Division).

To receive information about the 2012 Symposium, email your request to info@nsw.ipaa.org.au

8th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment - Future Challenges. 

The conference will be held at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Social Sciences, in Denmark on June 13 - 15, 2012. The conference is organised by the Departments of Psychology and Sociology at the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with The National Research Centre for the Working Environment.
The conference is the biennial conference of the IAWBH.

Registrations are now open!

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Investigating Workplace Misconduct  

Essential Short Course delivered by WISE in conjunction with AHRI

This workshop provides participants with the practical skills to assess complaints, gather corroborative information and make critical decisions that affect employees. The workshop provides case studies highlighting current case law, and the latest research on investigation methods, including interviewing techniques and the accessibility of digital information. 

Sydney – 30 April 2012   & 19 July 2012

Victoria – 27 March 2012  & 24 July 2012


Bookings now open contact AHRI for registration.

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