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Welcome to the new look WISE Workplace and eWISE

Welcome to the new look Wise Workplace and eWISE. We're sure you'll like our new look and feel with the same professionalism and expert staff. With the Royal Commission into Children Sexual Abuse being announced this week, there has never been a better time to contact us for training and independent, expert investigation into reportable conduct. Read all about best practice in Child Protection and Reportable conduct in this months eWISE by expert,
Harriet Stacey.

We're also very excited that Harriet and Alison's new book 'Investigative Interviewing' has been recommended by HR Daily and purchased by a number of universities across Australia.

Finally, hop across to our Facebook page for daily tips and the latest from the media in bullying, harassment, social justice and investigations.

Regards, Jo Kamira + Harriet Stacey


Critical Role for Managers in Initial Handling of Child Abuse Allegations

By Harriet Stacey

There has never been a better example of why independent, thorough investigations are the only answer to allegations of child abuse in the workplace; it started with pedophile accusations leveled against the late UK media personality Sir Jimmy Savile and ended with the BBC’s top management resigning after prematurely airing a program that implicated a top British politician in child abuse.

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Child Protection

No Winners In Sexual Harassment Cases; Education Helps Minimise Risks

By Alison Page and Melinda Ham

When Vivienne Dye started work at CommSec little did she imagine that she would be a casualty of her own action; irreparably destroying her career and reputation and turning the lives of two colleagues upside down.

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Sexual Harrassment
  What's On  

NSW Ombudsman “Handling Serious Incidents in the disability sector”

When: 7 December 2012
Contact: www.ombo.nsw.gov.au/training-workshops-and-events/our-workshops/investigation-training/handling-serious-incidents-in-the-disability-sector


‘APSACC’ 4th Australia Public Sector Anti Corruption Conference

Location: Sydney 2013 (date and venue to be decided)


6th Annual Conference International Investigative Interviewing Research Group iIIRG

Location: Maastricht University, Netherlands
Date: 3-5th July 2013

The Call for Papers and Practitioner Case Studies is now open, as is the conference and masterclass registration. Everything can now be done on-line via the iIIRG website

Masterclass – 1st to 2nd of July 2013
contact the conference organisers at conference2013@iiirg.org

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